Security Compliance and Risk Advisory

Information security and compliance are complex fields, with standards and jargon that aren’t what your business wants to focus on. Risiden is a client-first consulting firm to help you identify, assess, and manage your risk – whether it’s regulatory compliance, internal threats, or cyber actors.

Risiden’s ISO-based, comprehensive advisory services eliminate duplication of effort, improve risk visibility, streamline audit efforts, and lower audit costs. These same services reduce administrative burden on both sides, and quality is ensured.

This approach improves the quality and context of information available to your management and board about your compliance and security environments.

Our methodology adapts and integrates to your governance, risk management, and compliance programs to understand and optimize your policies, controls, risk assessments, and security processes.

Risiden’s team will provide you with any consulting or advice that you need prior to, during, and after your engagement, through a complete suite of advisory services. Risiden partners with you every step of the way to make sure that your compliance is as straightforward and manageable as possible, and Risiden is there to verify and reinforce the information you receive from that process.

Framework Implementation and Assessment

NIST Cyber Security (CSF)  |  NIST 800-53  |  NIST 800-171  |  NIST RMF

Frameworks arise from multiple sources, but which is right for your company. Adoption will drive your security program; it is important to select the right one and for the right reasons. There are many possibilities, so Risiden works to understand your business, its customers, and its obligations, to advise you on the right framework.

Risiden leverages its experience in defense, public, and private sectors to identify, assess, prioritize, and implement your framework controls. Throughout this process, we take an iterative, risk-based approach to work with your team to improve risk awareness and design an implementation plan.

Data Privacy and Information Protection


Privacy and security are not the same thing, but the former cannot exist without the latter. Data privacy is concerned with the proper handling of data – notice, consent, notice, storage, sharing, and retention. It often includes sharing data with third parties, and ensuring regulatory and contractual obligations are enforceable.

Privacy obligations arise from customers, employees, job applicants, marketing, and business partners, but are enforced by myriad laws and agencies, including attorneys general, Department of Health and Human Services, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Security Governance

Security Policy and Program Development | Compliance Monitoring

Governance is the “how” of information security. Governance is not synonymous with management which implements controls to mitigate risk. Governance determines who is authorized to make those decisions, how they are carried-out, the means and frequency of measure, and reporting metrics and audience.

Governance begins with accountability, and then provides oversight to ensure that risks are adequately mitigated by management. Governance should be cross-functional to align security efforts with business objectives. Security exists to protect the business, and governance determines how that is accomplished.

Risiden’s consultants are business-minded and strategy-focused. Security is not a point solution.

Security Compliance

Risk is confronting your organization from many angles. Compliance is only one type of risk, and too often the singular focus of risk management. Obligations should be an input to your security program, not the full extent of it. Risiden’s consultants understand compliance standards and leverage an ISO-based approach to integrate these requirements into your overall security program.






  • DFARS/FARS | DPA | NIST 800-171 | PCI | SOC

Risk Advisory

Risiden uses risk to enhance the value of your existing operations. By identifying, analyzing, and mitigating threats and obstacles, risk can be a tool to enable operational excellence. Our approach is to develop customized value propositions and solutions through an understanding of your information assets, policies, risks, and strategic objectives. Our practice areas work in unison to provide integrated solutions unique to your organization.

Risk Management


Information Security

  • CIS (Top 20) Controls | ISO 27000 | NIST 800-53


  • COBIT | COSO | ISO 38500 | ITIL